Royal Dutch Cocos

Royal Dutch Cocos is a young mobile pastry startup that brings new flavors to the traditional macaroon.

We have a simple, tasty and beautiful product: the Coconut Macaroon. We got inspired by the traditional coconut macaroon because of its simplicity and great taste.

The macaroon is crispy on the outside and slightly moist on the inside.

I have never tasted anyting like this!, it’s delicious!

Djahed Atayi
Djahed Atayi

Warm, cripsy but moist on the inside. Perfect!

Henry Köppen
Henry Köppen

The main ingredient is fresh coconut rasp. We combine the authentic handmade coconut paste with a lot of different ingredients.

They are freshly baked on the spot and taste best when you eat them right away.

We invite you to take a look in our mobile kitchen and discover The Royal Dutch Cocos experience.


Royal Dutch Cocos started with founder Quintin van der Linden who is passionate about pastry.

It all started in 2008 when he had his first experience with the coconut macaroon, pancakes and waffles. Royal Dutch Cocos was born in Amsterdam and expanded to other cities as Zürich, Manchester and Copenhagen. After nine years of professional experience with pastry, Quintin decided in 2016 to focus on the coconut macaroon.

Now famous as The Royal Dutch Cocos.

Available exclusively at food festivals and Christmas markets all around Europe

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